3 Instances When You Should Contact a Custom Home Builder

Posted on: 15 August 2022

Whether you need to renovate your current custom home or desire to have a new one built from scratch, it's important to know when the time is right to bring in a professional home builder. The professionals will not only save you time and money, but also the headache of having to manage construction yourself. They can also help you avoid making common mistakes that end up costing homeowners dearly in the long run.
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5 Ways To Use The Space Freed Up By Remote Workers

Posted on: 2 August 2022

Has part of your workforce shifted to a remote work arrangement? While many companies sent office staff and others home unexpectedly due to the pandemic, some of those employees have now become part of a permanent work-from-home trend. But if all your people aren't going to return to the office full-time, what should you do with the physical office space they no longer need? Here are a few ways to rethink it for better uses.
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4 Reasons To Install Custom Quartz Countertops During Your Kitchen Remodeling Project

Posted on: 18 July 2022

Quartz is currently among the best hard-surface countertop materials you'll find on the market. It competes with other popular materials such as granite, marble, ceramic tiles, and glass. So if you are undergoing kitchen remodeling, here are four reasons to invest in custom-made quartz kitchen countertops 1. They Are Stylish Quartz is a high-end material, and you'll be looking for it to complement a stylish kitchen outlook. If you want to add a sense of style to your old kitchen, you can never go wrong with these countertops.
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How A Plumber Can Fix A Problem With A Water Heater That's Leaking From The Bottom

Posted on: 6 July 2022

If you keep seeing water dripping on the floor under your water heater or if there is a constant puddle around it, call a plumber to find out where the water is coming from. If water is leaking from your tank, your water and heating bill could escalate if you don't get quick repairs. In addition, your floor might have water damage depending on where your water heater is located. Here's what a plumber may need to do for a leaking water heater.
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